Enable Innovations to Accelerate in the World of Finance 

Enable Innovations to Happen Faster in the World of Finance

Swiss Banking Advisory

Swiss Banking Advisory is domiciled in the UK and encompasses a group of experts from financial institutions (asset management, insurance companies, banks, hedge funds, wealth managers), angel investors as well as IT experts. The aim of the company is to build a bridge between the innovative financial markets in London and Zurich and to support it to accelerate innovations.  The company is a start-up business with a focus to create value by leveraging particular skillsets, based on the connections of strategically chosen partners and investors. By creating a good customer relationship management system and with the support of regularly organized conferences, the number of Swiss Banking Advisorys partners, business investors and angel investors will grow. Swiss Banking Advisory operates as a marketing platform and the core business of serving financial institutions remains, but encompasses the clients of financial institutions, angel investors, business angels and their needs as well.

The company will find innovative solutions for financial institutions, angel investors, business angels and clients of financial institutions and introduce them in one of the educational conferences. The participants of the conference are interested in meeting the speakers and innovative companies.

The aim is to invite out-of-the box thinkers and innovators as speakers or guests. Speakers as well as the audience which attended the conferences for one year are the closest VIPs and potentially strategically-chosen partners in the future. Swiss Banking Advisory supports innovations, ranging from promotions of out-of-the-box thinking or innovative solutions in sales and distribution. Innovative solutions can fall into different categories, like FinTech, Crypto Currencies, Crowd Funding or other areas. All kinds of developments that support financial institutions in adapting to the changing landscape in Finance are looked at by Swiss Banking Advisory.

The name Swiss Banking Advisory has been chosen as this name exists in Switzerland already since several years and has been the basis for a master thesis about behavioral finance with a focus on human biases and how to avoid them as well as 16 months of research on the most promising, available innovative ideas in the market which lead to the production of the book Banks of the Future with Springer in 2014. Swiss Banking Advisory is an author for Huffington Post and here is the link: Enable Innovations to Happen Faster in the World of Finance 

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Swiss Banking Advisory

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