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Our company was founded in 2007. We are project/innovation managers. During the first years of our company we supported SOS Kinderdorf and later on sponsored a project which enabled teenagers to paint on canvas the landscape of Zolllikon and donated 15 oil paintings to the elderships at Zollikon. The municipality of Zollikon promoted  this project by providing us the Villa Meier-Severini during the creation of the paintings and for the exhibition of the art works. 


We are a supporter of COLAIE. COLAIE stands for “Circle of Local Ambitious Innovative Entrepreneurs”. COLAIE’s aim is to bring financial institutions, investors and innovative entrepreneurs together and help them to enable innovations to happen faster in the world of finance.

Constructive critique and free thinking are aspects of a sound culture, which we need to cultivate in the traditional world of finance while looking for outside-of-the-box solutions, as it will help us to understand innovation as a necessity. Let us know what you see as missing innovations when it comes to your finances. In case you are an innovator, send us a link to your company’s innovative solution.

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These questions can lead to innovations: How does the brain deal with uncertainty? Are there distinct regions that process different forms of uncertainty? Do we have too much regulation? Can regulations for existing financial instruments, such as structured products, be seen as complete one day? Can derivatives be seen as safe today? Does a client have the possibility to comprehend the derivatives in his portfolio? Can a client control whether his portfolio is hedged, based on the rules from the regulators? Can technology support humans to become mindful and calm? Etc.  


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