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Due to our experience and regularly organized conferences, we have access to a large group of experts from different cities. Our community generally comprises of individuals who fall in to one of the following categories:

  1. Managers who like to be informed about innovation and FinTech news
  2. Investors who like to understand and be aware of investment opportunities. Investors are given VIP status and can join our conferences for free.  The only requirement is proof that they have already invested in FinTech innovation in the past.
  3. FinTech and innovative start-ups that want to network

Our community is managed by our mindful relationship managers that either directly advise us or work as freelance. The community of mindful relationship managers is our strength as it helps increase our global visibility via their network and contacts.  They act as our ambassador, generally holding our business card with the title “Ambassador of Swiss Banking Advisory”. Our ambassadors manage their network within their cities.  This gives all freelancers the opportunity to partake financially as our membership growth increases.  They are also welcome to join all of our conferences for free once a minimum of one contact subscribes.

Educational Conferences Offered with Collaboration Partners:

Zurich | Wed, May 3, 2017

Crowdfunding and Crowdlending: A Swiss Perspective  Crowdfunding, an alternate way to raise capital using online platforms, has seen at least double-digit year on year growth in Switzerland in the past few years. Learn about Crowdlending, one of the verticals most disruptive to the established financial services ecosystem, which has great potential to exponentially increase volumes.  Hear about the mechanisms for Crowdlending, plus its participants, risks and rewards, as you evaluate the opportunities and threats it represents to sources of capital and competition for investors.

DATE 3 May 2017 TIME 6:00 PM

LOCATION Globalance Bank AG Gartenstrasse 16 Zurich, 8002, Switzerland PARTICIPANTS Ioannis Akkizidis Wolters Kluwer Dr. Teddy Amberg CreditGate24 Jean-Sebastian Lassonde PwC

HOSTS: Globalance Bank AG    and   Swiss Banking Advisory

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