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Our community generally comprises individuals who fall in to one of the following categories:

  1. Managers who like to be informed about innovation and FinTech news
  2. Investors who like to understand and be aware of investment opportunities.
  3. FinTech and innovative start-ups that want to network

Can the knowledge and experience available at the universities be beneficial for financial institutions?

Mindfulness and Magic Moments

The names of our speakers and our recommendations are disclosed to our community only. Swiss Banking Advisory's FinTech and Innovation Community in London:

Faces and voices from behind the scenes of our conferences:

We have received a request from our community to talk for a new platform in Zurich and their main topic was courage. Here is a short part of a long conversation.

In conversazion with one of our speakers:

oking for a part-time, contract-based project management role, and on the other hand

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