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London 21st of September: BlockChain, Challenges and Investments

Zurich 29th of September: BlockChain, Challenges and Investments

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Security considerations when building enterprise blockchains: Recently, Ethereum was facing multiple attacks which lead to a destabilisation of the exchange rate. On August 1st, Bitcoin will fork (This can be confirmed after 1st of August), again, leading to destabilisation. In this talk we'll focus on private enterprise blockchains based on Hyperledger and Tendermint and contrast them to public blockchains like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. We'll see what security considerations have to be taken care of and what potentials security wholes exist in a Hyperledger deployment.

BlockChain, Future Bank and Data Management

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Background: In 2017, we have set up the company ‘Swiss Banking Advisory’ in the UK, as it was requested by our collaboration partners and we started to build a bridge between London and Zurich and to support the innovative Fintech scenes of both cities to better connect with each other.

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