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Educational Conferences ¦ London 21st of September and Zurich 29th of September ¦ BlockChain & Other Innovations:



Innovation and FinTech Community

Innovation and FinTech Community ¦ Conference Zurich

BlockChain & Other Innovations

The instructions in the tool are in German, however, the process is largely self-explanatory. Click on the image to purchase a ticket for 'BlockChain & Other Innovations' on the 29th of September 2017 in Zurich.

The structure of our conferences is generally as follows:

  • 1:30pm: Conference registration
  • 2pm: Presentations start
  • 4pm: Short break
  • 5:30pm: End of presentations
  • 5:30-7pm: Networking

Each speaker has 10-15 minutes to speak during the presentation section. The idea is to inspire the audience, make them curious, and inform them about recent, relevant market news and available solutions.

LONDON - Topics

1) The owner of one of the premiere Investor Clubs in London will be a speaker at both our London and Zurich conferences. The topic of the presentation will be: A spin tour on how to do a raise preparation sourcing as EXAMPLE with a client. A spin tour on how to prepare for a raise using a client as an example.

2) Tedx speaker, seed investor, startup mentor and founder of GrantTree. During the workshop plenty of hands-on tips and advice will be offered on: finding appropriate grants; clarifying whether your company qualifies; creating a blueprint of information that needs to be included in every section of the application so it scores highly; most common mistakes; how to make your grant funding application stand out amongst a stack of others; - how to proceed when the application has been accepted or rejected that participants can deploy right away.

3)  This film producer's movie ranks among the top 5 movies of all time in Switzerland. He lives in Switzerland and Berlin and will join us at the next conference in London to talk about innovations in his business and the differences to banking.

4) London Stock Market . . .

5) Cyber Security and BlockChain . . .

ZURICH - Topics

1) Security considerations when building enterprise blockchains: Recently, Ethereum faced multiple attacks which lead to a destabilisation of the exchange rate. This talk will focus on private enterprise blockchains based on Hyperledger and Tendermint and contrast them to public blockchains like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. We'll see what security considerations need to be taken care of and what potential security holes exist in a Hyperledger deployment.

2) The owner of one of the premiere Investor Clubs in London will be a speaker at both our London and Zurich conferences. The topic of the presentation will be: A spin tour on how to do a raise preparation sourcing as EXAMPLE with a client. A spin tour on how to prepare for a raise using a client as an example.

3) Zurich University of Applied Sciences: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Why is BlockChain a mess today?

4) Out of the Box "Banking": Expert in Speaking Appearances and Stage Presence: The Swiss expert for speaking appearances and stage presence has been on stage for over 25 years and has had over 500 performances in Europe and America. At the end of February 2018, her first book (in German) called „Applaus!!“ will be published as she rightfully claims her place in the world. She is also a keynote speaker for several banks, forums, business events and conferences. She is a member of the Swiss Women Network team and responsible for the Lucerne region where she also lives.

5) Mastering (deep) learning before we get mastered ¦ Structure: The presentation is structured in three main sections (beside the introduction)   The good     The ugly    The human factor (I might change this one – would be something like conclusion) followed by a final remark

6) Smart Contracts for Financial Products in a Digital World . . .

7) Applied Complex Systems Sciences ¦ Abstract: Complex systems sciences are today a mature area of research. For many reasons, applications are now a key interest. These reasons range from the direction of European research policies to the fact that addressing real – world problems, among them seemingly highly specific questions arising in the daily operations of SMEs, can shed new light on what we can achieve by taking the vantage point of complex systems sciences and what we could address in the future . . .

The names of our speakers or/and our recommendations are disclosed to our community only.


Next Conferences

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IMPORTANT ¦ PLEASE READ: Thank you for purchasing a ticket and welcome to our community for the next 12 months. Your ticket gives you access to attend all of our educational conferences during that time. Our intention is to host four conferences per year however, conferences are based on attendance and ticket purchases and, in order to be feasible, require sufficient support and sponsorship so we cannot guarantee this exact number. Ticket purchases and sponsorship allow us to fund further expansion of our community, organise conferences and develop business ideas and support to achieve them for our members. We also offer corporate memberships. A firm can become our partner/sponsor by engaging us on a consultancy basis, whereby we manage their projects ...

Our conferences are educational in nature because we discuss new ideas and network with the individuals who have developed such ideas. We are honoured to have you in our community. Community, collaboration, and to support each other as much as possible are our goals and we believe this collaboration is one of the many valuable benefits of being a member. Note, the location and the agenda of the conference will only be sent to registered guests shortly before the conference. We also request that you do not photograph or record any portion of the conference and, by joining our conferences, you are consenting to this request.

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