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One of our partners: I work with leaders of Finance and Technology companies to help them focus on their core business by  off-loading and in-sourcing their non-core business processes to GTD!

Why should you join Swiss Banking Advisory? The reason is you would like to collaborate with our partners or, you would like to become one of our partners. Our partners can help you in fundraising or advise you on which start-up to invest in. They can also help you get involved in the FinTech or Blockchain business or become your partner if you have a dedicated small budget for trading commodities or art investments. They can help collaborate with universities and work with you on various projects. 

Everything related to thinking out of the box, innovation and creativity is related to us and our partners. 

Our partners can also help you become more mindful in your daily business. Invite our partners to your office and they will help you think out of the box. Would you like to outsource your content online marketing? Would you like to become one of our investors?  Are you looking to invest in innovative IT entrepreneurs in or outside Europe? If you are interested in joining as a partner, please send an email to us via our Contact page.

Art Investments:

We have two C-level managers from financial institutions  looking to join a FinTech company at C-level.  Ask us for an introduction. Here


One step to mindful banking and finance:

Contact Rainer Runzer if you want to avoid a burn-out and learn how you can be the best version of yourself every business day.