Our company offers Project Management for financial institutions and innovative companies. Companies benefit from our broad experience. We work with our partners and investors and are available to manage any related projects regardless of size.  We offer both onsite (next to your people) project management and/or can consult remotely working on your computer from our office.  We have found the distance conducive to focusing on the deliverables of a project in addition to substantially lowering costs.  We are generally less expensive than most of the consulting companies and flexible in terms of payment whereby payment can be delayed until we have reached a major milestone successfully on time and on budget.  We are happy to discuss and explain our offerings in more detail if you are interested. Swiss Banking Advisory provides the following expertise:

  1. Planning, briefing and management of onshore and offshore resources
  2. Create Gantt charts and controlling, and closing the work of a team 
  3. Monitor onshore, offshore and third party IT developers
  4. Manage core team around the world
  5. Assign tasks, due dates and assign users

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