Enable Innovations to Accelerate in the World of Finance 

Enable Innovations to Happen Faster in the World of Finance

Innovative People and Groups

Swiss Banking Advisory supports innovations, ranging from promotions of out-of-the-box thinking or innovative solutions in sales and distribution. Innovative solutions can fall into different categories, like FinTech, Crypto Currencies, Crowd Funding or other areas. All kinds of developments that support financial institutions in adapting to the changing landscape in Finance are looked at by Swiss Banking Advisory.

Zurich University of Applied Sciences and IBM are talking about Swiss Banking Advisory and how to find innovative companies and collaborate with them. Romeo Kienzler was our speaker for our first conference last year and Prof. Rudolf Füchslin was one of our speakers at Credit Suisse in March 2017.

It is all about our educational conferences around the topic innovations and thinking outside the box. Meet innovative companies like CreditSuisse, UBS, IBM, Swisscom, Christie's, Zurich University of Applied Sciences , BDO and more. The following networks have already promoted us: 100 women in finance, IT Technology, Swiss  Ldies Drive, WomenWay, Business and Professional Women, Advance Women, League of Leading Ladies, . . .

Here is one of our speakers for the 29th of September in Zurich. She advises investors in London on where to invest and will speak in our conference in Switzerland about building a bridge between the UK and Switzerland.

The president of Christie's London, is explaining how a traditional, innovative company like Christie's was founded many years ago and what investment means when it comes to art collection.

Dedicate a few hours of your valuable time to meet very interesting people in your industry in London and to keep up-to-date with some of the fast-moving developments in the finance space. The topic of this conference will be “Investment”.

"This was a very exiting event - high quality speakers and audience!" Read more here:  The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps

Swiss Banking Advisory has large networks such as: 100 Women in Finance, Advance Women, Leading Brains, WomenWay, Business and Professional Women, Banking Technology, . . . 

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