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Managers in financial institutions and investors in FinTech and innovations often lack the time to search for innovative companies.  It is our aim to discover and introduce them during a conference. The list of innovative solution is growing. We do not report about the content of our speakers. We only publish our speaker's text or Power Point slides from the conference if they allow us to do so. Our target audience are therefore managers or experts who are looking for innovative solutions and investors who are interested in investing in innovative solutions and companies.

Conference 3:

Educational Conference
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Educational Conference

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Conference One:   Agenda

Below are some of the speakers and companies for our previous educational conferences: 
Thanks to Donald Pudney,  we have a protocol of one of our conferences. All our speakers have confirmed the content of the protocol. What is Donald doing? "Property Investor: I invest in UK Property and share the cashflow with my investors. Outsourced COO: I implement processes optimisation strategies for effective operations, within budget and resource capacity. Outsourcing business services to me will free up your time to focus on your core purpose.  Interim management services are also provided. Evernote Certified Consultant: I assist you in implementing Evernote in an optimal manner for yourself personally or for your company."

Is there a link betwen the future bank, our conferences and our out-of-the-box thinkers? Here is a short explaination about why we need our banking systems and why innovations are necessary. A thank you to Sarah McAllister (formerly worked in banking).

Conference on the 7th of September 2016 in Zurich Paradeplatz

Alex Adamopoulos was moderating the September 7th conference in Zurich to communicate insights, encourage collaboration and create value around the important topics to be discussed.

Urs Haeusler is Founder & CEO of Urs Haeusler is CEO of Deal Market - a global platform for fundraising and deal flow management serving professional venture capital and private equity investors. Urs is also the co-founder and CEO of Swiss Finance Startups (SFS) the association of all Swiss FinTech startups. Moreover Urs is co-founder and president of the Swiss Startup Association  (SSA) to give Swiss startups a strong & important (political) voice and strengthen the startup ecosystem in Switzerland. Urs has more than 15 years of experience in the Internet, the development of start-ups and has built international startups like amiando and Jamba! He has an MBA from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), is a FinTech and startup expert, runs his own internet consulting firm and has invested as a business angel in several Internet startups. . .

DealMarket’s “Deal Flow Management Tool” DealMarket offers a smart, powerful cloud-based deal flow management solution for a very affordable price. Professional investors (like Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, Corporate Venture Department and Investor Networks and Associations) use it as a private, cloud-based, simple to use and very cost-efficient Deal Flow Management solution to capture, store, manage, track and share proprietary investment opportunities online Some of the key benefits are . .

Matthias Müller is the Group Innovation Manager at SIX. After working at UBS and Credit Suisse he joined SIX Swiss Exchange in 2004. In his various roles for SIX over the years, he was responsible for the development and launch of several new and innovative services such as the multi-award winning COSI® platform, the service of SIX created for investor protection in case of issuer default. He is passionate about fostering innovation in Switzerland and is keen to learn from others. Topic: “Principles of Economics applied to FinTech”

Norman Stürtz  is Chief Data Officer -  Swiss Universal Bank at CREDIT SUISSE - Norman Stürtz started his career with JPMorgan in Frankfurt and London and continued his career in consulting with BearingPoint and Capgemini and projects in London, Munich, Madrid and Vienna. Since 2007 Norman Stürtz is with Credit-Suisse, with roles in IT as Head Application Development for PB Front Systems, Chief Of Staff IT and now as Divisional Chief Data Officer.

Cyril Demaria has 16 years of experience in venture capital investments. Formerly Chief Investment Officer for private markets at a large Swiss bank and for a multi-family office, he was also Managing Director of a venture and growth capital fund. He holds a PhD from University St Gallen, Masters degrees in Entrepreneurship (HEC Paris), Geopolitics (Paris VIII University), European Business Law (Paris V University), and lectures private equity at EDHEC, ESCP-Europe and EADA, as well as AFIC (the french PE association) and SECA (the Swiss one). He authored six books on private equity, among them the best seller "Introduction to private equity" (Wiley, 2nd ed, 2013) translated in four languages and "Private equity funds investing" (Palgrave, 2015), the latter being the result of his doctoral research." . . . "The current start-up funding boom seems to have reached its peak, paving the way to a more sober financing environment. This new environment will be more challenging for entrepreneurs, but also healthier for the start-up community. Discipline, realism and rigor have become again the rules of the game. Understanding the actual investment criteria of investors is therefore essential to succeed in fund raising".

Veronica Lange is the global Head of Innovation at UBS Chief Technology Office. Within this role she is responsible for managing Group innovation projects and building out innovation activity with internal teams and with the external ecosystem. A recent activity has been the launch of the global ubs.com/innovate idea competition and the blockchain research of the UBS Crypto 2.0 Pathfinder Program. Her current assignment followed her role as Head of Multichannel Strategy for UBS Switzerland.

Alysa Kodisch, Chair, Zurich Education Committee, 100 Women in Hedge Funds "Global Professional Community for Women in Finance: 100 Women in Hedge Funds was founded by a group of pioneering women in NY bringing together 100 seasoned female industry leaders to form a professional community to teach women to better leverage their collective  relationships and improve communication with the alternative investment industry.  Now approaching its 15th anniversary, the organization has grown to over 13,000 members globally across 20 locations and includes women from all areas of finance. Through volunteer efforts led by its members, 100 Women in Hedge Funds makes a  difference the in financial industry and local communities with unique educational programming, professional  leverage initiatives and philanthropy.

Patricia Widmer studied business management with an emphasis in Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. During her studies she worked at a leading global bank. After her graduation she joined a private bank as relationship manager. Together with her family she lived several years in the USA and Germany where she held responsible positions in many different volunteer organizations. After returning to Switzerland she completed her advanced studies at the ES-HSG (“Women Back to Business”) and successfully returned to the workforce as relationship manager and Head of Human Resources at a small private bank. Since 2014 she works for the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St. Gallen as Programme Head of “Women Back to Business”.

Florence Anglès is Head of Risk Management at REYL Group.
Further to her professional commitments, Florence Anglès is highly active within a number of voluntary organizations. She is a Committee Member of BPW (Business and Professional Women) Switzerland, a member of the Executive Committee of the CAIA association (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst),  the ambassador in Switzerland of the Toulouse School of Economics in Switzerland, a consultant for the Prix Strategis (HEC Lausanne), a member of “Club de lecture du prix Turgot” in Paris. She also co-founded GIROS, an association of Swiss Chief Risk Officers, which is a working group promoting awareness among risk managers regarding the most pressing topics and enabling members to share good market practices.

Alkistis Petropaki is the General Manager of „Advance Women in Swiss Business“. She is a marketing expert with over 20 years experience in leading positions at  well known FMCG companies like L’Oreal, Nestlé, Mövenpick, Lindt. Before joining Advance she was the Country Manager of Yves Rocher in Switzerland.  Alkistis is married and has 2 teenage children. Alkistis strongly believes in the benefits of mixed-gender teams for society, for organizations as well as for individuals. With her engagement with Advance she is convinced to be able to make an impact in the Swiss economy.

Qumram in a nutshell: Headquartered in Switzerland, and with offices in the UK, Spain, and the USA, Qumram is a leading global provider of fully-compliant multi-channel recording, e-discovery, and web archival solutions. Founded in 2011, by Zurich-based Simon Scheurer and Mathias Wegmueller, Qumram grew a 30+ Swiss and German client base, within various sectors including financial services, government, transportation, distribution and leisure. Today, Qumram has a firm focus on financial services, specifically retail banking, wealth and asset management, and insurance, and has clients across Europe and North America. Qumram remains a privately owned business with clients across Europe and North America. Our many awards and accolades include: Top 100 Global FinTech 2015, Top 10 Global FinTech Emerging Star 2015 (KPMG/H2 Ventures), Top 100 European FinTech 2016, Top Risk, Intel & Security FinTech 2016 (public vote), and Top Swiss FinTech 2016 runner-up.

This time we also are in a good position to be supported by Qumram in the process of selecting innovative FinTech startups. Qumram is a successful FinTech company with a good track record of its own who has won already a number of awards. They have the knowledge of what it takes in order to become an internationally successful FinTech company. They will introduce us to some of the best available FinTech solutions in Zurich. It is a good time to become an early-stage investor. The names of the startups will only be handed out to registered participants one week ahead of the conference, in combination with the agenda. As we would like to support the startups, their names can also be found on our website three weeks after the conference. In case you are an investor that has registered for the conference, you will have four weeks to evaluate and build your relationship with the startup.

Innovation Angel - Asta Vosylė has more than 15 years experience with Sales and Customer Care. 5 years – management experience in different positions in international companies. 10 years of experience in context of running a Contact Center business. A broad experience from several industries like telecommunication, transportation, logistics and financial services. Constantly challenging the way things are done. Allowing for an organisational refocus in order to accommodate for changing requirements and gain agility to respond to customers’ ever more demanding needs.     

Clare Flynn Levy is Founder & CEO of Essentia Analytics, a financial software company that uses behavioural data analytics to help professional investors make more money by playing to their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses. Prior to founding Essentia, Clare spent 10 years as a fund manager, both active equity (running over $1bn of pension funds for Deutsche Asset Management) and hedge (as Founder & CIO of Avocet CapitalManagement, a specialist tech fund manager).  She ultimately “went native” into the software space as the President of Beauchamp Financial Technology, a market-leading provider of portfolio management systems to hedge funds, which was acquired by Linedata Services S.A.

Jodi Spitler from Starmind International AG. Using skills gained in consulting and finance, Jodi has been making things work and then making them work better for over ten years in the tech industry. She created a more accurate sales forecasting process without spreadsheets, delivered well-trained sales people to the field, ensured SOX compliant processes and re-positioned sales operations teams from data monkeys to trusted advisors. Jodi leveraged this expertise earned at Citrix and Akamai as she moved into the start-up realm. She is currently a senior manager of sales operations in the innovative Swiss company, Starmind, where she is helping to make them the world’s leading technology to access expertise in organizations.

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Digital Age & the Science of Mindful Management . . .

See below about the previous conference in June 2016

Prof. Dr. Walter Farkas: "The conference you put together was great: you managed to bring many  talented people together who convincingly presented their ideas and  projects. The atmosphere was very stimulating and somehow I regret only that  not that many of my colleagues, professors and academics, were able to  attend: they would have been impressed a lot."

Romeo Kienzler, Chief Data Scientist - IBM Watson IoT WW, IBM Academy of Technology: "This was a very exiting event - high quality speakers and audience!" Read more here:  Guest Feedback  


DBO, Digital2025, FINTECH Circle Innovate, Leading Brains, IBM,  Netcetera, Praneo Foundation, Startups.ch, We Are Cinema, . . .

The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
20160629 DigitalZurich2025 SWISS BANKINGADVISORY.pptx (1.95MB)
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
20160629 DigitalZurich2025 SWISS BANKINGADVISORY.pptx
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
2016 Creating added value together.pdf (416.12KB)
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
2016 Creating added value together.pdf

 Dr. Thierry Dagaeff

The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
Robo Advisor 2 V2.pdf (2.9MB)
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
Robo Advisor 2 V2.pdf
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
security.pdf (21.96MB)
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
blockchain.pdf (8.27MB)
Chimp or Champ
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
[EXTERNAL] FinTech Summit Presentation.pdf (218.36KB)
Chimp or Champ
The Innovative World of Finance and Local StartUps
[EXTERNAL] FinTech Summit Presentation.pdf

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FinTech, WealthTech, Blockchain, Innovation - Educational Conference in Zurich, Park Hyatt

Companies worth to be discovered:

Conatix is an enterprise knowledge management startup based in Washington DC and Berlin that helps companies automate business research and visualize and protect their data. Conatix is a member of the IBM Watson Ecosystem. Conatix collaborates with IBM on a new cybersecurity application to help banks protect their confidential customer data and monitor insider threats in real time.  

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