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Archiving/History of Previous Educational Conferences

Why did we start?

Managers in financial institutions and investors in FinTech and innovations often lack the time to search for innovative companies.  It is our aim to discover innovative companies/solutions and introduce them during a conference. The list of innovative solution is growing. We do not report about the content of our speakers. We only publish our speaker's text or Power Point slides from the conference if they allow us to do so. Our target audience are therefore managers or experts who are looking for innovative solutions and investors who are interested in investing in innovative solutions and companies.

Conference in London on June 2017

ProFundCom in Zurich and Qumram invited our community to a breakfast at Baur au Lac to speak about digital marketing and compliance. ProFundCom has successfully promoted our educational conference in London.

Collaboration Partners May 2017

Crowdfunding and Crowdlending: A Swiss Perspective  Crowdfunding, an alternate way to raise capital using online platforms, has seen at least double-digit year on year growth in Switzerland in the past few years. Learn about Crowdlending, one of the verticals most disruptive to the established financial services ecosystem, which has great potential to exponentially increase volumes.  Hear about the mechanisms for Crowdlending, plus its participants, risks and rewards, as you evaluate the opportunities and threats it represents to sources of capital and competition for investors.

DATE 3 May 2017 TIME 6:00 PM

LOCATION Globalance Bank AG Gartenstrasse 16 Zurich, 8002, Switzerland PARTICIPANTS Ioannis Akkizidis Wolters Kluwer Dr. Teddy Amberg CreditGate24 Jean-Sebastian Lassonde PwC

HOSTS: Globalance Bank AG , 100 Women in Finance  Swiss Banking Advisory and 100 Women in Finance

Conference at Credit Suisse March 2017

Below are some of the speakers and companies for our previous educational conferences:  Thanks to Donald Pudney,  we have a protocol of one of our conferences. All our speakers have confirmed the content of the protocol. What is Donald doing? "Property Investor: I invest in UK Property and share the cashflow with my investors. Outsourced COO: I implement processes optimisation strategies for effective operations, within budget and resource capacity. Outsourcing business services to me will free up your time to focus on your core purpose.  Interim management services are also provided. Evernote Certified Consultant: I assist you in implementing Evernote in an optimal manner for yourself personally or for your company."

 Is there a link betwen the future bank, our conferences and our out-of-the-box thinkers? Below is a short explaination about why we need our banking systems and why innovations are necessary. A thank you to Sarah McAllister (formerly worked in banking).

Educational Conference September 2016

Conference on the 7th of September 2016 in Zurich Paradeplatz

Educational Conference June 2016

FinTech, WealthTech, Blockchain, Innovation - Educational Conference in Zurich, Park Hyatt

Prof. Dr. Walter Farkas: "The conference you put together was great: you managed to bring many  talented people together who convincingly presented their ideas and  projects. The atmosphere was very stimulating and somehow I regret only that  not that many of my colleagues, professors and academics, were able to  attend: they would have been impressed a lot."

Romeo Kienzler, Chief Data Scientist - IBM Watson IoT WW, IBM Academy of Technology.

Companies: DBO, Digital2025, FINTECH Circle Innovate, Leading Brains, IBM,  Netcetera, Praneo Foundation, Startups.ch, We Are Cinema, ...

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