Enable Innovations to Accelerate in the World of Finance 

Enable Innovations to Happen Faster in the World of Finance



Partners are companies we have collaborated with where one or more of their senior managers have spoken at our conferences or events in the past (and may do so again in the future):

  1. Young Start-ups
  2. Established Start-ups
  3. Well Established Organizations

Benefits of Being a Partner
As a partner, your employees are welcome to visit all of our conferences and networking events for free.  The only requirement is that they must register in advance with their company email. Partners have the opportunity to suggest topics and speakers for the main subject of future conferences.  Depending on our upcoming conference schedule, we will carefully evaluate all proposals and do our best to provide a conference on the suggested topic with the proposed speaker.  However, please note there is no guarantee of speaker or topic acceptance. Established partners, as part of their membership, also receive four free Educational conferences per year for their internal employees.  These will be based on three main subjects:

  1. Innovation/FinTech
  2. Creativity/Out of the box thinking
  3. Introduction of internal extraordinary solutions

Swiss Banking Advisory has large networks such as: Advance Women, Leading Brains, WomenWay, Business and Professional Women, Banking Technology

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