We are pleased to announce the setup of the company "Swiss Banking Advisory Ella Thuiner" in Zurich. The focus is on providing business analyst services as well as project and program management services to financial institutions in Switzerland as well as in the UK.

Furthermore, offering more than 100 innovative Swiss entrepreneurs the opportunity to speak at one of our conferences in Zurich and London provided us also with the opportunity to work on the development of roadmaps for innovation in Switzerland and partly in the UK. You are welcome to contact us in 2021 for a discussion about your private equity investment plan.  

Over the last 13 years Ella Thuiner was running her own company (Ella Thuiner GmbH and Swiss Banking Advisory GmbH) based in Zurich and London. The focus was on educational conferences about investments in innovative solutions. Already prior to the Corona virus outbreak she was pondering the liquidation of her company. Following the epidemic restrictions, she instructed her lawyer to start the liquidation process.

During the last five years, our company provided more than 100 entrepreneurs and senior executives an opportunity to speak about their innovative solutions at my educational programs in Zurich as well as in London. As an entrepreneur/advisor, we worked with a number of organisations such as Credit Suisse Zurich and Guernsey, UBS London and Zurich, Art Basel, Merrill Lynch and a number of cyber security companies. One of the company's last clients was Soomz, which provided the opportunity to dig into cyber security solutions available in the market.