We are looking for angel investors, informal investors, angel funders, private investors, seed investors, business angels, business partners and investors. Due to our regular, educational conferences and our independence from sponsorship funding, we form an opinion over time, not only about innovative solutions available in the market, but also about entrepreneurs and their promising business models. Get in touch with us via our contact page to recieve our input HERE Please note, that the offering of educational conferences by Swiss Banking Advisory is non- profit oriented.

These days the focus of almost every company is digitalization and innovation in technology and organisation.  Every company wants to be agile and informed if something new is happening in the market.  Since June 2016 we are offering educational conferences with a focus on innovation in the area of finance and banking.  Our aim is to accelerate innovation in the world of finance and other industries.  We invite speakers from the financial world to speak about innovative solutions that they have developed in their field.  The solutions can be based on technology, IT and business as well as compliance, legal, human resources, accounting, back office and control, internal audit and more.  Every new and innovative idea is welcome.