Our community generally comprises individuals who fall in to one of the following categories:

  1. Managers who like to be informed about innovation and FinTech news
  2. Investors who like to understand and be aware of investment opportunities
  3. FinTech and innovative start-ups that want to network.

Since 2016, Swiss Banking Advisory has introduced more than 90 innovators, senior executives and investors to each other. How to join us? HERE

What they say about us: 

 In Conversation with. . .

Understanding BLOCKCHAIN:

Venture Capital London Mayfair

Out  Of  The  Box

We hope that our community is one day so large and unique, that our speakers are only from our community and that there is no need to seek external speakers.  We have educational programs which resemble a private networking program. With the consent of each member, guest and speaker, we share the investor, innovator, startup, speaker and guest names only within our community.  Our partners have the option to share their names on our website, in our programs or only on the list.  

You can be a member of our community without visiting any conferences.  By allowing us to interview you, you can let our community members know about you, or, you can choose to be a silent member of the community and request information from us as needed. 

Our aim is to introduce and connect innovators, investors and executive managers so they can hopefully do business or invest in innovative solutions.  Most of our investors are also entrepreneurs so they are generally interested in learning more about innovative solutions in the market.  Some of the investors are senior managers and typically invest in companies with a unique idea that they believe will be successful.  After receiving this invitation, you can add your name to our newsletter by sending an email to “nl” (as in NewsLetter) nl(at)swissbankingadvisory.ch or ask us to do it for you.