We invite entrepreneurs and innovators from the financial world to speak about new solutions that they have developed in their field. The solutions can be based on technology, IT and business as well as compliance, legal, human resources, accounting, back office and control, internal audit and more.

You are propably visiting our website, due to recommendations from our community or because you have received an invitation from our partners/us. 

1. In case you are an innovative entrepreneur you have found the right address, because we can support you to be found and contacted by investors and senior executives in the community. In case you have an invitation, please follow these steps and join us: Once you have discovered the contact page on our website, send us a brief summary about what your company offers. Provide us with a link to your website and a business email address; private email accounts won't be considered. Note that your text will be used by us. Make sure to avoid typos. Answer this question at the bottom of your email: Are you looking for investors or clients?

2. In case you are an investor, the Fundraising  and Investments pages provide information about investment opportunities by comanies in our community. Contact tus and let us introduce you to the opportunity that you find most interesting.

3. In case you are a senior manager, we can introduce you to companies  or guests in our community.

Meet the communiry as this is not about us. Let us know via the contact page in case you have found an interesting company that you would like to be introduced to. 

Some interviews with representatives of companies from one of  our previous educational programs: