The next Educational Program takes place on the 28th of March 2018 in Zurich

Here are some interviews with representatives of companies from one of  our previous educational programs:

Our aim is to accelerate innovation in the world of finance and other industries. We invite entrepreneurs and innovators from the financial world to speak about new solutions that they have developed in their field. The solutions can be based on technology, IT and business as well as compliance, legal, human resources, accounting, back office and control, internal audit and more.

Although our main focus is financial institutions, we are happy to invite out of the box thinkers from other areas. In the past we’ve had speakers from the automobile industry, from brain science and even the benefits of Feng Shui for day to day business. We’ve also had a speaker discuss how we can avoid stress and enjoy working without needing any holidays.

You can receive the list of our Startups, Entrepreneurs and Innovators, as soon as they have confirmed they can be contacted by you. Just go to the contact page on this website and let us know about you/your compnay: