The Pinboard page is new on our website and we have created it to present new innovative solutions and companies that are looking for investors. Our task is to find original and inventive companies and solutions in the market and bring them to the attention of senior executives or investors interested in such solutions.

Switzerland: Investment Validation

Invest CHF 550k in return for  x% of the shares

Developed together with a globally operating bank these are two new standards to validate the potential and the impact of business cases and the future fitness degree of a company. Both tools show in the end comparable gradings and come with recommendations for progress. They are first strategic assessments, cost efficient and are executed in interdisciplinary teams. The validation of the business case examines and measures the customer value, the social and ecological risks and the business potential with criteria like market growth, employee engagement or innovation culture. The assessment of companies is based on the Future-Fit® Business Benchmark - the groundbreaking new standard for measuring and managing the non-financial performance of a company. Both approaches profit from a rigorous proven scientific background and from a holistic action driven execution. Endorsements from banking industry, Silicon Valley innovators and global Sustainability NPO's available. You will invest in a global rollout with several attractive business partners.We are also looking for multipliers and users of these new investment tools. 

UK: Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Invest GBP 220k in return for  x% of the shares

Executive Summary
Executive Summary
JB Swiss banking advisory executive summary.pdf (832.38KB)
Executive Summary
Executive Summary
JB Swiss banking advisory executive summary.pdf (832.38KB)

Germany: Customer Loyalty App ready for launch in German market

Invest EUR 500K in return for  x% of the shares

Artificial Intelligence-based, fully automated loyalty app that connects existing loyalty solutions applicable for a wide variety of business types, with superior features compared to existing solutions (in terms of technology, affordability and connectivity).  

Switzerland: Paradigm shift in car production

Invest CHF 10 Mio in return for  x% of the shares

Evolution in car manufacturing: We move car production from economies of scale to a decentralized market model: Lower investment requirements, faster response to changing demands, earlier break-even and local capturing of value chain.
The result  - A locally produced, affordable electric car that fosters urban mobility at zero emission - A car Made in Switzerland - A high-tech production that can enjoy Swiss Federal and EU subsidies - A solution that allows for true connected mobility and e-Mobility - A concept that leads digitization trends and makes the competition struggle  - An investment that allows for quick production start and low financial requirements . . .

Switzerland: BlockChain  Investments

Invest CHF 1 Mio in return for  x% of the shares

Switzerland: Digital Media Industries

Invest CHF 10 mio in return for  x% of the shares

This is an investment in the movie industry and creates a connection between Zurich and Hollywood. Contact us in case you would like to speak to the enterpreneur.

UK: Investments