Swiss Banking Advisory supports innovations, ranging from promotions of out-of-the-box thinking or innovative solutions in sales and distribution. Innovative solutions can fall into different categories, like FinTech, Crypto Currencies, Crowd Funding or other areas. All kinds of developments that support financial institutions in adapting to the changing landscape in Finance are looked at by Swiss Banking Advisory. 

We also offer corporate memberships. A ffirm can become our partner by either engaging us on a consultancy basis, whereby we manage their projects, or we can help them access a new audience through our conferences which can be custom developed and created for their needs. Our conferences are educational in nature because we discuss new ideas and network with the individuals who have developed such ideas. Our aim is to ensure that our conferences and community add movement in the business life of a city and help companies interact more easily with each other. These organizations provide sponsorship to conferences by contributing in the conferences.